Training & Review Courses

In addition to locally hosted events, the NJAIHA is subscribed to the AIHA eLearning program!  NJAIHA is offering access to the AIHA eLearning webinars FREE of charge for its active members. All members who are current with their NJAIHA dues are eligible to participate!

Here is how it works: As a subscriber, NJAIHA receives two live connections to each qualifying webinar. As a host subscriber, NJAIHA may or may not be able to organize a group viewing for each webinar. If we can, the time and place will be announced in advance and all members will be informed and invited to attend. Whether or not NJAIHA hosts a live webinar will depend on resources, i.e. having an appropriate location, etc. We may also be able to allocate one of the live connections to a member if he/she offers to host the live webinar at their place of employment. This is something the Executive Board will discuss in the near future.

Regardless, all current NJAIHA members in good standing will have unlimited individual access to the webinar recordings, to which any member can sign in at your convenience. A day or two after a qualifying webinar, the Administrator at AIHA will email everyone on our current membership roster announcing that the webinar recording is available and give instructions on how to access it and get CEU credit. You must be on the NJAIHA membership roster to access the webinar recording free of charge.

The NJAIHA Executive Secretary (Ronnie Tutty) will be periodically updating our membership roster on file with the AIHA eLearning Administrator. So, if your dues are not presently current, or if you know someone who should be informed of the opportunity to become a member or renew membership, now is the time to get current. Please contact Ronnie Tutty at for more information.