NJAIHA Summer Review Course


The NJAIHA is currently exploring virtual access and presentation options, which will be announced shortly.

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The New Jersey Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (NJ-AIHA) is offering a comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Course. The course is designed to provide basic training in some critical areas of industrial hygiene and safety and will likely be beneficial for those entering the field as well as those who are just looking to sharpen their skills in certain technical areas. In addition, many of the people who have attended the program have found it to be very helpful in preparing for the CIH and CSP examinations. Certified Industrial Hygienists have the opportunity to obtain CM points per lecture (0.167 points per contact hour). Participants are welcome to attend any or all of the lecture sessions, depending on their individual training needs.


  • All Access: $150 (includes admission to all IH and Safety presentations and digital access to all course materials)
  • Single Night: $30 (includes admission to one night of IH or Safety presentations and digital access to that night’s course materials)

To register, please download and complete the registration form: Summer Course Registration Form. If registering for a single night, please indicate which course you would like to attend.

Industrial Hygiene Classes Sponsored by NJAIHA:

Topic Instructor
Air Sampling Mike Holton
Basic Science Peter Harnett
Biosafey Barbara Owen
Community Exposures Bob Hague
Epidemiology/Biostatistics Jack Glass
Ergonomics Rick Lynch
Hazard Communication/Risk Assessment Paula Kaufmann
Industrial Hygiene History Tim Rice
IH Management Gary Schwartz
Industrial Processes Ken Bickerton
Industrial Ventilation Tom Block
Ionizing Radiation Michael Vala
Noise Ben Mueller/Joe Keefe
Non-Ionizing Radiation Spencer Pizzani
Respiratory Protection/PPE John Trela
Thermal Stress John Trela
Toxicology Hank Shotwell

Safety Classes Sponsored by NJASSP:

Topic Instructor
Calculator/Math Review I Alex Ruiz
Calculator/Math Review II Alex Ruiz
Calculator/Probability and Statistics Alex Ruiz
EHS Training Louise Vallee
Equipment & Facility Safety Joe Schwed
Fire Protection Engineering/Emergency Response Brian Bennett
Physics/Basic Engineering Review Part I Alex Ruiz
Physics/Basic Engineering Review Part II Alex Ruiz
Physics/Basic Engineering Review Part III Alex Ruiz
Regulatory & Legal Affairs Jack Fearing
Risk Management and EHSMS/Auditing Jack Fearing

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