Polo Shirt Fundraiser

The NJAIHA has begun a student scholarship initiative by promoting the sale of white short-sleeve polo shirts with the NJAIHA embroidered logo stitching. All of the proceeds from the sale will help support a worthy student scholarship for those individuals studying industrial hygiene / environmental health and safety in New Jersey.

Orders can be placed by filling out the form below, by mailing in this Polo Shirt Order Form along with a check, or while attending the monthly dinner meeting or other NJAIHA sponsored event.

NJAIHA Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt Order Form

  • Submit form and complete payment through PayPal. Please verify the correct payment amount on the PayPal site. Pricing is as follows: [XS - XL: $35/shirt] [2XL: $37/shirt] [3XL: $38/shirt] [4XL: $39/shirt] [5XL: $40/shirt] [6XL: $41/shirt] Please remember to add $10 to your order if you chose to ship above. Free pickup available at NJAIHA events.