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February 2018 President’s Message

There have been several bills moving around in the NJ state legislature that the NJAIHA Executive Committee is tracking – IAQ for ice rinks and indoor sports, mold and legionella in cooling towers. Not that any of these topics are new, but we will continue to track and engage our Read More »

January 2018 President’s Message

Happy New Year all! I hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and took some time off (if you’reworking). Your Executive Committee (EC) has been active planning our 2018 monthly meeting program, so please stay tuned for announcements on upcoming meetings. We are also evaluating the CIH review Read More »

November 2017 President’s Message

Greetings: Lately, I have begun to spend more and more time in thought about how we, as “experienced” EHS professionals can ignite passion, mentor and work to develop the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM students, to go into IH and EHS career paths so that Read More »

October 2017 President’s Message

Greetings: With natural disasters dominating the headlines recently, there are just as many advertisements and requests to help out. How best to decide where and how to help? Well, that is a personal decision that each one of us makes based on our judgment and heart. But I think we Read More »

September 2017 President’s Message

In the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, it is a harsh reminder that there are forces at work in this world that are beyond our control. And yet amidst a tragedy like this, we have an opportunity to not only apply our humanitarian energies to help those in Read More »