April 2018 President’s Message

As is our long-standing tradition, next week we recognize our NJAIHA Past Presidents. This is always a great meeting and provides not only an opportunity to thank those individuals who have given their time to lead and manage the operations of our section, but it is also an important time to recognize what fuels organizations like NJAIHA and that is “volunteerism”.

Let me share some personal thoughts – Growing up, I was lucky to have two parents who got involved outside the house. Sure, they were there at all the activities us kids were involved with, but what stuck with me over the years was the fact that they were involved in leading those activities. Whether it was scouts, or Church, booster clubs or the arts, they were involved. And not just my parents of course. I’m sure many of us can look back on our younger days and see adults whom we knew giving up their time to enable us to have great experiences.

Now it’s our turn and we can use your help and involvement. Your Executive Committee (EC) recently announced an opening for President-elect and I want to encourage you to consider volunteering. I know I have enjoyed working with everyone on the EC, it has been very rewarding and has enabled me to grow professionally as well. This is an exciting time to be part of the leadership of your section. The EC has been working hard to attract new membership, to engage high school and college students to encourage them to pursue science and engineering careers – so they can become the next generation of industrial hygienists and EHS professionals. And, we need you, our membership to help. So please consider submitting your name as a candidate for this position.

To close, I would like to take a moment to recognize Lewis Goodfriend, who was our 25th section president, serving from 1969 to 1970 and who will be turning 95 this May. When I think about all of those who have served this organization over the years, I am humbled by those who came before. Our section is vibrant, we have great meetings and events and we work together to keep workers safe and healthy. It is because of people like Lewis that we are able to continue to come together and make a difference.

Best Regards,
Craig R. Doolittle, PE, CSP
President NJAIHA