February 2020 – President’s Message

Fellow NJAIHA members,

Greetings from the New Jersey Section of the AIHA. There is a lot happening in the IH world both locally and nationally. There will be a national vote this month for an open seat on the AIHA national Board of Directors. We also have some openings locally for NJAIHA positions. We have an opening for President elect and need applicants.

We also need an outreach coordinator for our local NJAIHA board. If interested send an email to myself at svanetten@emsl.com or Dan Preisler at dpreisler@kleinfelder.com. This is the time to get involved locally.

On the regulatory front, OSHA and NIOSH are both active with the current silica enforcement based on the current new final silica rule. More information is presented in our February newsletter.

With the coronavirus being in the news, industrial hygienists may be asked for their expertise in this area. There is a great deal of news concerning the coronavirus and if any of our members would like to present info on this at one of our upcoming dinner meetings let Dan Preisler know.

There are also some new news from OSHA regarding chemicals that do not have published exposure limits. OSHA is considering regulating these through their general duty clause. One such chemical is 1-bromopropane (1-BP). If you are an expert on this topic, we would welcome a presentation on this topic.

We are also looking for PDC presenters for our December conference. If interested, let me know. We would like to have a 3-3.5 hour PDC with one or multiple speakers. The date is tentatively December 3rd, 2020.

National and local section dues are now due. Please don’t forget to add NJAIHA and your local section when renewing.

Let 2020 be a great year for Industrial Hygiene. I hope to see you at the dinner meetings.

Scott VanEtten, CIH
President NJAIHA