January 2018 President’s Message

Happy New Year all!

I hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and took some time off (if you’reworking). Your Executive Committee (EC) has been active planning our 2018 monthly meeting program, so please stay tuned for announcements on upcoming meetings. We are also evaluating the CIH review course we offer (in conjunction with NJASSE’s CSP review course) to continue to make it relevant and attractive to those pursuing CEU’s or for preparation for the CIH Exam.

What may be the most important focus area for the EC – outreach to students at the high school and college level to get them to consider Science, Technology and, engineering and mathematics related educations and careers. Of course, our efforts will also focus on encouraging students to consider IH careers as part of this outreach. And finally, our annual scholarship program will be actively launched so that we can help students pursuing IH or related degrees here in NJ.

We hope you will join us at our monthly meetings – our first one being January 18, 2018 at Snuffy’s. Your active participation is what makes these meetings a great place to see colleagues, develop new ones and contribute to our profession.

I hope to see you there.

Best Regards,
Craig R. Doolittle, PE, CSP
President NJAIHA