October 2018 President’s Message

We are in the midst of hurricane season on the east coast and in the aftermath of natural disasters like Hurricane Florence (according to Wikipedia it was the sixth-costliest Atlantic hurricane with more than $38 billion in damage), it is important to remember that there are natural forces that are beyond our control. We have an opportunity to not only apply our humanitarian energies to help those in need, but also our professional skills,
knowledge and experience. As industrial hygienists and EHS professionals we can help in a range of ways whether it’s through your company, professional association, non-profit or community based efforts, there are many things we can do to make a difference.

Thank you to the September presenters Jack Springston of TRC and Vincent Daliessio of EMSL. Jack provided timely information on how to be proactive rather than reactive with regards to Legionella that I have found extremely helpful in the past few weeks. Vincent provided an informative lecture on a study he prepared on Sampling Pump Flow Characteristics and Sampling Error that I’m sure will guide many of us in our choice of sampling pumps. This month we will hear from Franklin Mirer, formerly with CUNY, who is a frequent contributor to the Synergist. Marc Vargas of OSHA will also join us in October to provide an account from the OSHA inspector who was the primary witness in OSHA court proceedings, and how the trial unfolded with the employer’s defenses against OSHA’s evidence.

In other breaking news, one of our very own, NJAIHA Past President Joe Kapp, was contributor to the ASSP IHPS – Silica Guide for Contractors and serves as Secretary of ASSP’s Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty Advisory Committee. Joe and his team just finished this valuable resource and want to get it out for people to use: https://www.assp.org/news-and-articles/2018/09/25/assp’s-industrial-hygiene-practice-specialty-publishes-silica-resource-guide

Please remember to save Wednesday, December 5, 2018 on your calendars for the Professional Development Courses (PDCs) which will again be at the PSEG facilities at 4000 Hadley Road in South Plainfield, NJ. If you are interested in being a speaker for our PDC or can recommend someone please contact Craig Doolittle at: cdoolittle@trcsolutions.com or call 973-670-9793. We should have more official information forthcoming over
the next month for the PDCs.

Finally, as we look to continue and expand the number of attendees at our events and interest in the IH field and certification we look for any input from our membership in these areas.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our October meeting!

Doug Glorie, PE, CIH
President NJAIHA